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Pneumatically operated spool valve


Direct operated


Rated Size: NG3-Mini


More Information at Manufacturers Website: http://www.wandfluh.com/products/detail/wdlfa03/


Lead time is normally 2-3 weeks. Call for pricing and availability.

  • Product Options

    WDLFA 03-AB3-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AB3-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AB1-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AB1-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AB2-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AB2-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-ACB-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-ACB-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AC1-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AC1-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-CB2-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-CB2-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-ADB-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-ADB-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AD1-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AD1-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-DB2-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-DB2-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-BEA-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-BEA-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-BE1-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-BE1-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-EA2-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-EA2-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AFB-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AFB-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AF1-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AF1-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-FB2-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-FB2-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AGB-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AGB-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-AG1-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-AG1-D1 FKM (Viton)
    WDLFA 03-GB2-_ NBR
    WDLFA 03-GB2-D1 FKM (Viton)