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We are a Company of People, Not Things

Providing quality solutions and products to the manufacturing base of the world for over fifty years

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Some companies manufacture their own items, while some are distributors for other producer's product lines. HFI Fluid Power Products does both. 

We have five decades of experience under our belts fabricating the highest quality hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies, and bundling these with components such as valves, power units and cylinders to provide Complete Solutions to our customer base.

HFI employs fluid power and mechanical engineers with degrees, along with trained and certified specialists. These professionals are available for you to have direct access to and will help diagnose your particular system and provide you recommended solutions.

Key Facts about HFI Fluid Power Products

Map Of HFI Racine Campus

100,000 sq/ft Campus

Our six facility campus is based in Racine, Wisconsin on Hwy 20. 

HFI Fluid Power Products Logo

Five Decades of Service

Founded in the 60's, incorporated in the 70's, HFI possesses a wealth of legacy and experience

Robert Demicchi - Owner

Family Structured

As a family owned company, HFI takes a very personal approach to relationships with its employees, customers and vendors

HFI campus

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Let's Take A Trip Down Memory Lane Together

HFI in the 60's

HFI Fluid Power Products roots go back to the mid 1960's when new machining processes were beginning to form. HFI acquired the once-famous Standard Electric building in Racine, Wisconsin and began turning out high strength steel fittings using the new techniques of its time.


HFI Warehouse In The 60's

Six spindle Greenlee, Acme, New Britton and Davenport screw machines were purchased to keep up with the demand for quality fittings and adapters.

Warehouse Growth

Over the course of the next five decades, product and fabrication lines were added to HFI Fluid Power Products' master catalog and capacity.

Tube/Hose Fabrcation Equipment

Tube and hose fabrication equipment were purchased to begin fabricating assemblies for J. I. Case Company in Racine.

Production Expansion

In 1993, HFI added on a new 30,000 sq. ft. production facility to accommodate increased OEM business for custom tube and hose assemblies.

ISO Certified

HFI became an ISO registered company in 2000, and has remained so ever since. HFI's processes are designed to produce quality, measurable results. Many employees are trained internal auditors and each process is studied to ensure the best techniques and practices are in place.

HFI Walk-In Service

HFI upgraded its walk-in service area to an Eaton Port-to-Port store in 2008. High quality Weatherhead products are available off the shelf to support the MRO needs of the Southeast Wisconsin area.

Advanced Equipment

Today, many advancements have been made in equipment and product offerings. HFI boasts at minimum one product line for every fluid power component used in the manufacturing industry. Modern PLC and controller retrofits have been installed for many pieces of equipment, and advanced proprietary software has been coded by two employed IT professionals.

HFI stands alone in that we have always believed that quality components can be delivered to its customers at a fair price. Many suppliers make this claim, but do not hold true under observation. The tendency to inflate costs during periodic market swings or speculative times has always been dismissed by our sales department. HFI will only raise costs when necessary to meet operating expenses due to material pricing that can not be further negotiated.


As a much valued HFI customer, you can rest easy knowing you've made a smart decision in choosing HFI Fluid Power Products as your fluid power supplier.

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