Stainless steel 5K ball valve with pneumatic actuator

SKU: Stainless steel 5K ball valve
Applicable Fluid Air / Water / Oil Operating Environment Standard Type Air pressure ball valve
Connection Type Wafer The type of a ball valve Full Bore Connection Method Wafer
Nominal Pressure 5K Bracket No Material of stem 304 Stainless Steel+Cr Plating
Material of Body Stainless Steel
  • Product Specifications

    Part Number Body Material Plumbing Thread Nominal Operating Temp. Range Actuator Specifications
    C-5UTWE-10A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 3/8 -20~60 Type C (double-acting)
    C-5UTWE-15A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 1/2 -20~60 Type C (double-acting)
    C-5UTWE-20A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 3/4 -20~60 Type C (double-acting)
    C-5UTWE-25A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 1 -20~60 Type C (double-acting)
    CS-5UTWE-10A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 3/5 -20~60 Type CS (spring-return)
    CS-5UTWE-15A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 1/2 -20~60 Type CS (spring-return)
    FBS-5UTWE-20A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 3/4 -20~80 Type FBS (spring-return)
    FBS-5UTWE-25A [Stainless Steel] SCS13A 1 -20~80 Type FBS (spring-return)

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