PVS Junctions for MOS Valve


Valve installation ports are threaded in M10x1 specially for MOS valves.

Plug the installation ports not in use with Blanking Plug (BPS). 

When connecting tubing, use the adapter (SAS).



  • Product Information

    Model Part Number Specifications L1 L2
    PVS-2S 206572 Single Type 2ports 47 34
    PVS-3S 206573 Single Type 3ports 63 50
    PVS-4S 206574 Single Type 4ports 78 65
    PVS-5S 206575 Single Type 5ports 93 80
    PVS-6S 206576 Single Type 6ports 108 95
    PVS-7S 206577 Single Type 7ports 123 110
    PVS-8S 206578 Single Type 8ports 138 125


    Model Part Number Specifications
    PVS-2D 206554 Two-way 2ports


    Model Part Number Specifications
    PVS-4D 206557 Two-way 4ports

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