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SKU: PU55T4W025B

2.5 Gallon Torque Wrench Pump



  • Features

    • Heavy duty universal 120 vac 50/60 hz motor standard draws 20.5 amps at full load and reduced voltage at startup
    • Optional 230 vac 50/60 hz motor draws 15 amps at full load
    • 10 Ft. motor pendant control comes standard on the manual valves and a 25 ft pendant is standard on pumps equipped
    • with solenoid valve control
    • Great power-to-weight ratio at only 63.1 lbs. with 2.5 Gallons of oil
    • 2.5 Gallon aluminum reservoir with an optional roll cage provides strength and protection on the jobsite where plastic fails
    • Optional valves available: manual, solenoid, locking block, auto-dump, pressure compensating
    • Optional heat exchanger / system filter
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