MH-20D-A Spray Cooling System

SKU: MH-20D-A Spray Cooling System

Low-cost spray cooling system.



  • Product Specifications

    Input air pressure 0.7MPa(Max)
    Usually use air pressure 0.1〜0.3MPa
    Working Viscosity Range 2〜100mm2/s
    Reservoir Capacity 2L
    Filter Filtration accuracy 40μ
    (Oil discharge side) Replacement Filter element / Model EXE
    Spray nozzle Available number 1〜4
    Reservoir Material A5052TD-H34
    Weight 3.3kg



     Oil level switch
    Contact capacity
    Contact Type
    AC・DC200V 0.5A 30W
    AContact (NO)
     電磁弁 Two-way/Three-way、AC100V/200V DC24V
  • Product Information

    Model Part Number Oil level switch
    MH-20D-A 222138 None
    MH-20D-A-L 222195 Within

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