LUBE Hybrid Lubricant LHL®


A lubricant that has the advantages of both oil and grease


■ developed to solve the following problems of grease:
・Foul smell of deteriorated and decomposed coolant due to oil lubrication
・High oil consumption
・ Imperfect lubrication due to grease adherence and insufficient coating of components
・A large amount of drained grease in lubricated sections

In order to solve the above problems, LHL-300 was developed as a lubricant suitable for the environment and conditions in which machine tool components are used.



  • Product Information

    Model Part Number
    LHL300-4S 249113
    LHL300-7 249112
    LHL-X100-2 249139
    LHL-X100-4 249136
    LHL-X100-7 249137

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