EGME-T Dual-function motorized pump


Can operate both PDI and series progressive systmes by switching built-in solenoid valve. Energy-saving pump with the minimal power consumption.



  • Product Specifications


    Discharge volume 10ml/min
    Discharge pressure 10MPa (safety valve set pressure)


    Power DC24V 

    Moter Pressure relief solenoid Total
    20W/0.8A 10W/0.4A 30W/1.2A


    Working consistency Cartridge grease No.000、00、0、1
    Recommended grease MP0、FS2、MT1
    Cartridge size 200ml、400ml、700mlCartridge
    Weight 1.8kg(4C)、2.8kg(7C)
    Pressure relief Built-in solenoid


  • Product Information

    Model Part Number
    EGME-10T-4-2C 103902
    EGME-10T-4-7C 103911

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