Crimping Equipment

SKU: KD Series

If your looking for a machine that can do more than just 2 wire hose, the KD165 might be your machine of choice. This machine boasts a 62 ton press, capable of crimping 2 and 4 wire hose up to 1 1/4" and 6 wire up to 1" ID.



  • Product Specifications

    Part Number

    Item Name Weight
    KD160SH-124RK Kuri-Krimp™ 23.5 in. Height Crimper System (Hand Pump VHP-10-43) 50 lb
    KD160SP-124RK Kuri-Krimp™ 23.5 in. Height Crimper System (Air/Hydraulic Pump VAP-10-100) 50 lb
    KD165 Kuri-Krimp™ 22.25 in. Height KuriKrimp™ KD165 Crimper with Dies 114 lb
    KD2-30 Kuri-Krimp™ 18.5 in. Height KD2-30 Crimper System 236 lb
    KD2-50 Kuri-Krimp™ 32 in. Height KD2-50 Crimper System 635 lb
    KD4-50 Kuri-Krimp™ 32 in. Height KD4-50 Crimper System 579 lb
    KD4-60 Kuri-Krimp™ 32 in. Height KD4-60 Crimper System 579 lb
    KD4-650 Kuri-Krimp™ 57 in. Height KD4-650 Crimper System 4,000 lb
    KD4-1000 Kuri-Krimp™ 74 in. Height KD4-1000 Crimper System 6,185 lb
    PF402 Piranhaflex™ PF402 Tooling N/A
    P400 Piranhaflex™ PF402 Rubber Caged Series 24 in. Height P400 Portable Hose Press 47 lb

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