BT-102 Battery-operated pump

SKU: BT-102

Compact cartridge-type centralized lubrication kit, powered by four AA batteries.



  • Product Specifications

    Power LUBE original 4 AA batteries: Alkaline
    Continuous Discharging time 5 minutes (6 hours cumulative)
    Interval time 1–24 hours, 1–31 days(Switched by setting switch)
    Discharge pressure 2 5MPa or more
    PumpDischarge volume 1.5ml/min 
    Pump Service life: 100 hours (16 years when operated for 1 minute per day)
    Lubricant used CBT-SU03-2 (LUBRICANT)(Code No: 249150)
    Cartridge size 200ml
    Weight 1.6kg


    LED Lamp Display Content

    During operation Lighting
    During interval Extinction
    Cartridge replacement Lamp flashes once at a time (5 seconds intermittent)
    Battery replacement LED lamp flashes twice in a row (5 seconds intermittent)
    Abnormal setting  LED lamp flashes three times in a row (5 seconds intermittent)
    Abnormal boost  LED lamp flashes four times in a row (5 seconds intermittent)
    11 Continuous operation mode
    (21 times) Filling mode (3 of SW1)*1
    (LED lamp flashes once at a time (1 second intermittent)
  • Product Information

    Model Part Number
    BT-102(4) 101112
    BT-102(8) 101111


    Grease Kit Contents

    ■ Pump for the nuts and bolts hexagon socket head bolt size with up M6-16 3 pieces ×
    ■ Plug MU-BP (Part Number619840) × 7 pieces
    ■ One-touch fitting KBE4-01-F Φ4mm × R1 / 8 (Part Number209523) 8 pieces ×
    ■ nylon pipe Φ4 × 2m CBT-SU93 (pre-filled) (Part Number106834) 8 pieces ×
    ■ AA batteries (Part Number531300) × 4

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