AMI-300S · AMI-1000S Automatic Intermittent Gear Pump

SKU: AMI-300S · AMI-1000S Automatic Intermitt

Must be used with an external timer. Available with two discharge volumes.



  • Product Specifications

    - AMI-300S AMI-1000S
     Discharge Volume 300ml/min(50Hz)330ml/min(60Hz) 1000ml/min(50Hz)1100ml/min(60Hz)
     Discharge Pressure 2.5MPa(safety valve set pressure) 2.5MPa(safety valve set pressure)
    Motor(Other voltages available.)※ - -
     Voltage / Current AC100Vφ1/0.76/0.74A (Condesor11μF) AC100Vφ1/1.2/1.19A (Condesor20μF)
    - AC200Vφ3/0.32A/0.3A AC200Vφ3/ 0.50/0.43A
     Output 40W Induction motor 60W Induction motor
    Operation Rating 吐出hour 3min.以Foot 休止hour 3min.以上 吐出hour 3min.以Foot 休止hour 3min.以上
    Working Viscosity Range 65〜1300mm2/s(50Hz) 65〜1300mm2/s(50Hz)
    Reservoir Capacity Standard reservoir up to 50 liters available. Standard reservoir up to 50 liters available.
    Weight 4.4kg 7.1kg
    Other With Pressure relief mechanism, Motor rotary direction: Clockwise MotorRotation direction: counterclockwise
    External fuse 100V/1.5A 200V/1A 100V/2A 200V/1A
  • Product Information

    Model Part Number
    AMI-300S-1 202033
    AMI-300S-2 202034
    AMI-1000S-1 202103
    AMI-1000S-2 202101

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