Air-Oil Sensor Monitor

SKU: Air-Oil Sensor Monitor

Receiving signals from the air-oil sensors and LEDs indicate if there is a flow of oil (drops). When there is an oil flow, the green LED blinks and the red LED is turned on when there is no oil flow. An alarm signal being available, you can control your machine

(shut-down or emergency stop) in an alarming condition by adding an appropriate external circuit. The monitor is compact and lightweight and one monitor can take up to 2 sensors.

  • Product Specifications

    Power/Voltage DC24V±10%
    Abnormal output Normally open contact 250vac/3A   30VDC/3
    Working temperature range 0〜+50℃(no sweating)
    Working ambient humidity 35〜85%RH
    Sensors Monitored

    2 per monitor, can link with up to 2 additional monitors

    with link cable

  • Product Information


    Model Part Number Voltage Monitor Channels
    OA-M-C 420011 24 VDC 2 Sensors



    Part Number No. of Monitors Linked
    613018 2 Monitors
    613019 3 Monitors

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