ACM-II · AMI-300 · AMI-1000 Motor Driven Continuous Gear Pump

ACM-II · AMI-300 · AMI-1000 Motor Driven Continuous Gear Pump

SKU: ACM-II · AMI-300 · AMI-1000

Continuous delivery motor-driven gear pump delivers a relatively small amount of oil for lubrication from the distributor to the lubrication points.



  • Product Specifications

    - ACM-II AMI-300 AMI-1000
    Pump - - -
     Discharge Volume 60ml/min(50Hz)  70ml/min(60Hz) 300ml/min(50Hz)330ml/min(60Hz) 1000ml/min(50Hz)1100ml/min(60Hz)
     Discharge Pressure 0.8MPa (safety valve set pressure) 0.5MPa(safety valve set pressure) 1.2MPa(safety valve set pressure)
    Motor(Other voltages available.) - - -
     Voltage / Current AC100Vφ1/0.51/0.52A (Condesor8μF) AC200Vφ3/0.23/0.21A AC100Vφ1/0.76/0.74A (Condesor11μF)AC200Vφ3/0.32A/0.3A AC100Vφ1/1.2/1.19A (Condesor20μF)AC200Vφ3/0.50/0.43A
     Output 25W Induction motor 40W Induction motor 60W Induction motor
    Operation Rating Continuous Continuous Continuous
    Working Viscosity Range 32〜1300mm2/s 65〜1300mm2/s 65〜1300mm2/s
    Reservoir Capacity 2l、3l、4l、8l(sheet metal) 2l、3l、4l、8l(sheet metal) 2l、3l、4l、8l(sheet metal)
    Weight 4.0kg 4.4kg 7.1kg
    Other Motor rotary direction: Counter- clockwise Motor rotary direction: Clockwise Motor rotary direction: Counter- clockwise
    External fuse 100V/1A 200V/0.5A 100V/1.5A 200V/1A 100V/2A 200V/1A
  • Product Information

    Model Part Number
    ACM-Ⅱ-1 102484
    ACM-Ⅱ-2 102486
    AMI-300-1 202035
    AMI-300-2 202036
    AMI-1000-1 202132
    AMI-1000-2 202131
    AMI-1000-3 202275