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The 2P050 valve is a two-way, normally closed, direct acting valve and does not require a minimum differential pressure to operate. As shown in the diagrams below, when the coil is de-energized (left diagram), the plunger rests on the main orifice and is held in place by the plunger spring force, sealing the valve. When the coil is energized (right diagram), the solenoid lifts the plunger and allows the working medium to flow through the orifice. The working medium and flow direction are indicated in purple in the diagrams.




  • Can be used in food grade, sanitary, and chemical applications.
  • The valve body can be customized to any type of plastic to meet specific operating conditions.



  • Double Viton O-ring for improved sealing at the tube inlet and outlet.
  • The threaded armature top screws into the armature tube, and then the connection is welded together. The threaded connection combined with welding allows for a longer lifespan of the valve.
  • The armature tube is machined from a solid stainless steel bar - with no additional joints or connections, it can withstand higher pressure and more lifecycles.


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  • Product Specifications

    Valve Type 2 Way, Normally Closed (NC)
    Action Direct Acting
    Orifice 5.0mm
    Operating Pressure Vacuum to 50PSI
    Port Size (Tube OD) Options: 3/8" OD Tube
                    3/8" Push-In Fitting
                    3/8" Female NPT
    Wetted Surfaces Valve Body: Delrin Plastic (can be customized to any type of plastic)
    Seals: NBR (Buna N), Silicone, Viton Double Seals (Fitting Connection Only)
    Armature Assembly: Stainless Steel
    Coil Duty H Class, IP65, 100% ED Continuous Duty
    Voltage Options: 12, 24 VDC; 24, 110/120 (50/60Hz), 220/240 VAC (50/60Hz)
    Voltage Tolerance +/-10% of Specified Voltage
    Coil Power 20W
    Electrical Connections DIN43650A, Option: Molded Cable, ATEX Explosion Proof
    Installation No Orientation (Optimum Position: Flow Horizontal & Solenoid Vertical)
    Service Air, Water, Liquid
  • Installation Instructions

    • To Connect a DIN Coil:

      • Remove the Philips screw from the plastic housting & unplug from the DIN coil.
      • Use the removed screw to push the terminal block out of the plastic DIN housing.
      • Note the "1", "2", and ground "⏚" symbols.
        • For DC DIN Coils, connect "1" to your positive lead and "2" to your negative lead.
        • For AC DIN Coils, connect "1" to your HOT lead, "2" to your NEUTRAL lead, and "⏚" to your ground lead, if required.

    • To Connect a Grommet Coil:

      • For DC Coils, connect the red wire to your positive lead and the black wire to your negative lead.
      • For AC Coils, connect the black wire to your HOT lead and the white wire to your NEUTRAL lead.
      • For Coils provided with Molded Cables, the color of the wire indicates the type of lead:
        • GREEN = Ground Wire
        • BLUE = Positive or HOT Wire
        • BROWN = Negative or Neutral Wire

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