2E100-250 Series

SKU: 2E100-250 Series
Port & Mounting Body Ported
Action & Motion Pilot, Normally Closed, Two Position, 2 Way
Operating Pressure 87 to 1450 PSI (Coil Wattage Dependent)
Working Medium Air, Gas, Liquid, Oil, Cryogens
Operating Temperature -40 to 356°F (-40 to 180°C) with non-freezing medium
Coil Insulation & Protection Class F Class, IP65 (CE Certification)
Coil Duty Cycle 100% ED
Electrical Connection D = DIN (with LED indicator, conduit terminal)
G = Grommet (12" Lead Wire)
Body Material Stainless Steel
Seal Material Teflon, Viton
Armature Tube Stainless Steel
Plunger & Spring Stainless Steel
Lubrication Not Required
  • Installation Instructions

    To Connect a DIN Coil:

    • Remove the Philips screw from the plastic housting & unplug from the DIN coil.
    • Use the removed screw to push the terminal block out of the plastic DIN housing.
    • Note the "1", "2", and ground "⏚" symbols.
      • For DC DIN Coils, connect "1" to your positive lead and "2" to your negative lead.
      • For AC DIN Coils, connect "1" to your HOT lead, "2" to your NEUTRAL lead, and "⏚" to your ground lead, if required.


    To Connect a Grommet Coil:

    • For DC Coils, connect the red wire to your positive lead and the black wire to your negative lead.
    • For AC Coils, connect the black wire to your HOT lead and the white wire to your NEUTRAL lead.
    • For Coils provided with Molded Cables, the color of the wire indicates the type of lead:
      • GREEN = Ground Wire
      • BLUE = Positive or HOT Wire
      • BROWN = Negative or Neutral Wire

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