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SKU: 2203

Solenoid poppet valve cartridge normally closed


Direct operated, Leakage-free, Normally closed


Rated Size: NG3-Mini


More Information at Manufacturers Website:


Lead time is normally 2-3 weeks. Call for pricing and availability.

  • Product Options

    M2203-G12 Solenoid Medium 12 VDC
    M2203-G24 Solenoid Medium 24 VDC
    M2203-R110 Solenoid Medium 110 VAC
    M2203-R115 Solenoid Medium 115 VAC
    M2203-R230 Solenoid Medium 230 VAC
    S2203-G12 Solenoid Super 12 VDC
    S2203-G24 Solenoid Super 24 VDC
    S2203-R110 Solenoid Super 110 VAC
    S2203-R115 Solenoid Super 115 VAC
    S2203-R230 Solenoid Super 230 VAC
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