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Custom Fittings, Adapters and Manifolds

HFI can produce a wide range of domestic bar stock adapters

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HFI Fluid Power Products has a rich history as a hydraulic fitting manufacturer. For fifty years we have manufactured steel hydraulic adapters for both OEM's and fitting distributors. We possess industry-leading capabilities to create any adapter your project requires

Filter Fitting

Filter Fittings

We produce adapters with internal screens, or external filter mesh

Hydraulic Manifolds


Aluminum, steel, junction strips, all types

Gravimetrics Laboratory


We have a cleanliness testing laboratory on site and can provide gravimetric reporting

Pellet Cleaning Machine

Pellet Cleaning

Our clean and pack area features an advanced pellet cleaning system by Ultra Clean Technologies

Laser Etching Machine


We have in house laser etching operations to provide many types of marking options.

Custom Fittings and Adapters

Custom Fittings and Adapters

Custom Fittings and Adapters
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Atmospheric Copper Brazing

Atmospheric Copper Brazing

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Pallet Changing on a Mazak 414 Vertical Mill

Pallet Changing on a Mazak 414 Vertical Mill

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Pressing a Barstock Fitting Together

Pressing a Barstock Fitting Together

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High Speed Clinching

High Speed Clinching

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Our Capabilities Include

  • High volume screw machine production

  • low volume CNC production (horizontal and vertical)

  • Clinching

  • Silver and copper brazing

  • Pressing

  • Laser marking

  • Single piece and inset orifice fittings

  • PPAP, FSIR and other inspection reports

  • Gravimetric test reports

  • Pressure testing and reporting

  • Statistical process control reports

  • Many plating options

HFI Fluid Power Products can quote runs of any size, including prototype lots.

Special packaging, kitting and labelling is available.

We can supply material certs, conformance certs, all levels of PPAPS and FSIR's, RoHS compliance statements, 3TG compliance statements and other documentation- just request the forms you need when placing your RFQ with our team.

HFI Fluid Power Products is an ISO 9001 registered company, and all processes utilized to fabricate custom product are audited for optimized product realization.

Multiple End Hydraulic Adapter
Hydraulic Adapter
90 Degree Fitting
Custom Hydraulic Fitting
Custom Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings
Hydraulic Fitting

Our team of fluid power specialists are standing by right now, ready to assist you in procuring quality American Made adapters. Send us your prints, drawings or sketches and we will get to work for you.

Let's Quote Your  Custom Adapter Project Now

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